• 6th December 2016

Review: Peter Pan

Welcome to December! I can’t tell you how excited I was to wake up on the 1st and open a door on my advent calendar. You may have noticed that She Who Lives has a brand new banner for the festive season – I hope you like it!

Every year, I love filling December with fun, Christmas activities and what could be more festive than going to the theatre. Last year, I visited the Exeter Northcott Theatre to watch the wonderful Christmas Carol and last night, I returned to watch Jim Barrie’s Peter Pan.

Directed by Paul Jepson, the cast perform the classic tale of Peter Pan, a boy who can fly and never grows up. Laura Prior (Peter Pan), Kerry Peers (Hook), Steve Bennett (Tinkerbell) and Macy Nyman (Wendy) play the leading characters and are joined by a wonderfully charming cast. I thought it was great to have women playing the lead males and Bennett in a frilly, pink dress playing Tinkerbell was a humorous twist on the usually feminine and rather sassy fairy.

Of course, there was plenty of flying across the stage which added to the magic, particularly for the young children in the audience. Unfortunately, during one of the first flying scenes, their seemed to be some difficulty with attaching Peter to the safety wire resulting in Prior not being able to act out the magic of the scene. However, I have got to praise her for how well she handled the mishap. It must be awful as an actor/actress to have something unexpectedly go wrong live on stage and you have to quickly think how you are going to carry on with the scene. She recovered perfectly, being really quick off the mark and shared a joke with the audience.

Considering that most of the cast was made up of children, they all acted brilliantly! Every one of them remembered their lines perfectly and acted with wit and charismatic charm.


Usually, I hate intervals! I’m always enjoying the play too much that I can’t be bothered to sit and wait for part two to come on. However, during the interval of Peter Pan, there was some brilliant entertainment from the pirates! Smee and his fellow crew members sang some great pirate songs and even played their own instruments. It was great entertainment for those of us who couldn’t be bothered to wait in a long line for the toilet!

Part two featured a well-executed fighting scene to conclude the show. Everyone was well choreographed and everywhere you looked there was something going on.

I must also praise Ellan Parry and the team for the production design. The stage was cleverly put together and almost flowed into the audience so we felt like we were really sat in the children’s bedroom. Despite going to Neverland, the set didn’t change that much but clever visual effects and some shifting around helped us to use our imaginations.

Peter Pan is showing at the Exeter Northcott Theatre until Sunday 1st January so you still have plenty of time to go and see it. I definitely would recommend this show to children and families!

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