• 29th April 2018

3 thriller books to get stuck into this spring

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Spring is the perfect time of year to get stuck into a book or two…or three! With the weather so changeable at the moment, reading can be a great activity to indulge in come rain or shine. Recently, I’ve read some fantastic thriller books which all feature amazing twists and turns. These books are real page-turners:


The Girlfriend

thriller book the girlfriend Michelle Frances’ gripping novel explores the mother-son-girlfriend relationship. Everything starts off fine and dandy when Laura meets her 23-year-old son’s new girlfriend Cherry. She seems like a nice enough girl, even though she comes from a very different background. Laura and Daniel roll within the high-society, are extremely wealthy and very privileged. Cherry comes from a working class background and has had to fight extremely hard to get away from the life she once knew. Odd things start to happen, starting with an incident at a family party. Is Cherry all that she seems? Does she want to steal Laura’s life or is Laura just being paranoid?

I couldn’t put this book down! By the end of every chapter, I just wanted to know what happened next. There are so many twists and turns in this book that I kept changing my mind if I was on Team Laura or Team Cherry – by the end I just doubted myself! A fantastic book although it did have a slightly predictable ending. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth a read.


The Couple Next Door

thriller book Shari Lapena’s No.1 Sunday Times bestseller has had everyone talking recently. I kept seeing it at the front of shelves in various bookshops and was curious to pick it up and give it a read. The Couple Next Door tells the story of a couple who go round to their next-door neighbour’s house for a dinner party, thinking it would be ok to leave their baby daughter sound asleep in her crib. After all, they had the baby monitor with them and they were going back to check on her every half an hour. What could possibly happen? Returning later that night, they run upstairs to check on their darling daughter, only to find that she’s gone. What follows is a page-turning ‘who dunnit’ story.

This story has your heart racing! Well-written, I almost felt like I was there and could feel the pain of the parents, the frustration of the detective who’s trying to solve the case and the desperation of the in-laws. I enjoyed this book but felt that the twist came a little too early on and it was incredibly predictable. It didn’t shock me at all. Having said that, it’s a really good read and even though I guessed ‘who dunnit’, I found myself furiously reading to the end to find out how the story ended.


Last Seen Alive

thriller book Ok, if you only choose to read one of these books, READ THIS ONE! This is honestly the best thriller novel I have ever read. Claire Douglas tells the story of Libby who needs to get away from it all. Get away from her past, get away from the school she teaches at where she’s just been dubbed a local hero. When an opportunity arises to house swap with a couple in Cornwall, Libby and her husband Jamie grasp it, thankful for a holiday by the coast in a grand house. However, Libby makes some disturbing discoveries about the Cornwall house and with a growing feeling that they are being watched, how alone are they? Becoming paranoid that Jamie is hiding something, the house starts to bring back memories of Libby’s past. Memories that she has fought hard to bury. Memories that take her back to when she last saw her best friend alive.

Honestly, this book is incredible. From the beginning, I couldn’t put it down. It takes a lot for a book to scare me but this one sure did as Libby started to uncover disturbing things about the Cornwall house. I didn’t like turning my bedside lamp off after reading this book at night! The MASSIVE twist comes just over halfway through which I did not see coming at all. As I realised what the twist was when I was turning the pages, I actually vocally just started saying “oh my god… oh my god….OH MY GOD!” – cue weird looks from Ollie beside me! I loved this book so much that as soon as I finished it, I gave it to my sister and told her she had to read it so that I could discuss it with her. She read it in a day! Definitely a must-read.


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