• 23rd July 2017

5 Things My Dog Does That I Just Love

West highland terrier

Playing with my dog the other day, it occurred to me that I’ve never dedicated a blog post to him! A little background first. I have a West Highland Terrier called Freddy, he turned 10 on 13th June and yes, I’ve always been a crazy dog lady. We didn’t get Freddy until I was about 14 and before that, I had literally been begging my parents to get a dog ever since I clapped eyes on one. I don’t know what made them give in, probably my whining, but one day Freddy came into our lives. So here are five things (and trust me there are many more) that I just love about my fur baby:

He smiles at me

This is no joke, he actually does. You’ll notice it when you first walk into the house and greet him. He’ll run up to you and get so excited that he’ll pull his little head back and show you his teeth. It’s the perfect greeting, particularly if you’ve had a bad day!

He loves evening snuggles

freddyWhen you’re sat with him on the sofa, particularly in the evening when he’s sleepy, he’ll choose someone’s lap to lie on and go to sleep. It’s so comforting but the trouble comes when you need to get up. He’s so comfortable that he won’t move to let you get up so you physically have to lift him off you. It’s such a lovely feeling though that you know he finds comfort in lying on you! It’s particularly good to have this furry hot water bottle on you in the winter too.

He’s nuts about squirrels

Probably like most dogs, he goes mad when he spots a squirrel. My parents house is right next to a row of trees that’s home to loads of the creatures. There always hopping over the fence into the garden to feed off the bird feeder. In the living room, they have glass sliding doors that look out onto the garden so if Freddy is shut in doors, he will wait at the door all day until he spots a squirrel. When he does, he goes absolutely mad! He starts barking and jumping up at the door until you let him out and when you do, his little legs go into full on roadrunner mode. It’s really humorous to watch and makes us all smile! He even started going crazy at a Christmas card with a squirrel on it once…

He loves watching TV

When he was a puppy, he used to sit in front of the TV for hours! He was completely engrossed in it which was so cute to watch. The novelty has worn off a little now but he still loves it when there’s some sort of animal on the screen. I actually can’t watch Crufts when Freddy is about because I’ll miss most of the programme…


When he snuggles into the towel after bath time

This is such a small thing but it genuinely melts my heart when it happens. Like most animals I imagine, he hates having a bath. Luckily he doesn’t put up too much of a fight, he’ll just stand in the tub looking absolutely miserable. When you lift him out, he cannot wait to get dry and starts rolling around on the floor. As soon as you hold the towel out in your arms, he charges towards you and snuggles himself into the towel, wanting you to envelope him in its fluffiness. It’s the most adorable thing, particularly when he then starts running around the house and all you can see is this little cloud of fluff bobbing about!

Freddy the Westie

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