• 23rd October 2019

5 things to do in Kos

Wow! It’s been a minute hasn’t it? Apologies that I haven’t been blogging that much lately. The truth is, over the last couple of months I’ve found it hard to sit down and actually write. Recently, I’ve felt like I haven’t had anything worthwhile to write about and I didn’t just want to write a blog post for the sake of it. I’ve decided that from now on, I’m only going to publish on my blog when I’ve actually got something exciting to share. I love my blog and I only ever want to publish good, quality content that you guys enjoy reading!

So what have I been up to recently? Apart from celebrating my birthday and enjoying the summer sun here in England, I actually went away on my first family holiday since I was a teenager. Myself, Ollie, my sister and her partner plus my mum and dad all flew to Kos in September for a 10-day holiday. I’ve never been to Greece or a Greek island before so I was super excited to visit. It was so great to go away with my family again as I haven’t been on holiday with them in years. We enjoyed soaking up the sun, relaxing by the pool and drinking plenty of cocktails! If you’re off to this Greek island soon, check out my 5 top things to do:

  1. Enjoy the weather
Hotel Platanista

First and foremost, enjoy the weather. If you live in a country with changeable weather like I do, it’s amazing to really make the most of the sunshine when you go abroad. I think the temperature got up to about 33 degrees Celsius when we were in Kos and we ensured to make the most of it. Half of our holiday was spent sunbathing by the pool and enjoying the feeling of not having to go to work, not having to face your responsibilities and not having to worry about life’s every day worries. I loved nothing better than reading my book by the pool or listening to my music and podcasts. It was nice just to sit with my family as well and just spend time together. We all live separately now so these little moments really are precious. If you’re looking for a hotel in Kos with a great pool, check out Hotel Platanista. This is where we stayed and it was a great hotel – friendly staff, super clean, plenty of sun loungers, good food, entertainment every night and the pool was lush.

2. Venture into Kos town

C Food ‘n’ Mood terrace

Whilst I wasn’t that impressed with Kos town, it was definitely worth going to see, even just once. The town itself is full of souvenir shops and cafes that just seemed to sell your typical English food however, you will stumble upon some ancient ruins like the Roman Odeon and Ancient Agora. Ollie and I also discovered this amazing beach side restaurant on the edge of Kos town. It was called C Food ‘n’ Mood and not only does it have a really chilled vibe, it also has a great terrace that looks out onto the ocean. We enjoyed the most delicious burger and chips here (not very Greek I know!) on Ollie’s birthday. Just a short walk away from here, there’s a shop that does the most amazing ice cream. I can’t remember what it was called but look out for it as you pass C Food ‘n’ Mood and you carry on into town. I had the most delicious Kinder Bueno ice cream! So even though the town itself isn’t that impressive, what you discover on the way is definitely worth making the trip for.

3. Hire bikes

Family bike ride!

Kos reminded me a little of Amsterdam. We very quickly discovered that the best way to get around the island was on a bike. There are plenty of bike hire places dotted around. There was one just outside of our hotel so we spent a morning on the cycle paths, viewing more of the island than we ever could on foot. We started by cycling in the opposite direction of Kos town, keen to discover what could be seen at the other end of the island. It was evident that the further away you travelled from the town, the fewer amenities there were giving you a better chance of enjoying the rural landscape. The coastline was simply stunning and at one point, I really did feel like I was cycling in California with the blue ocean to my left and a row of palm trees to my right. The island is well equipped with cycle paths and is relatively flat, making cycling a great option. If bikes aren’t your thing, we saw plenty of people in beach buggies and on mopeds which looked great fun!

4. Throw yourself into water sports

Me and mum – off we go!

The most beautiful ocean I have ever seen surrounds Kos. The water is spectacularly clear and really warm so you don’t even have to brace yourself before you take the plunge! With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the island is popular with water sport enthusiasts. There are plenty of businesses that offer water sport activities up and down the coastline, many of which will be offering you some kind of package deal. We were keen to spend a morning enjoying the water so we decided to pay Anemos Xtreme Sports a visit. We hired a couple of jet skis to enjoy and even went Parasailing. I was terrified but keen to do it as I just knew I would regret it if I didn’t. Me, my mum, dad and Ollie went off in this little boat where one by one, they attached a massive parachute to our backs which lifts you way up into the air. Despite it looking quite scary, it’s actually one of the most spectacular and peaceful things I have ever done. It’s so quiet up in the air and all you can hear is the gentle flutter of the parachute above you whilst you enjoy the amazing view. I’m so glad I did it and I strongly recommend it to anyone. Once we were safely back on land, we also hired a peddalo which was super fun! It was one of those little boats, which had a slide on the back of it. Me and Em enjoyed flinging ourselves off it for a good hour! 

5. Live a pirates life for the day

3 island boat tours

On one of our last days in Kos, we went on a three-island cruise. If you go down to the harbour, you’ll find loads of different companies all offering similar experiences. We went with Captain Hook and had a great day out. It was fab to visit Pserimos, Kalymnos and Plati which were all beautiful in their own right. You get the opportunity to get off the boat at each island for about an hour. It can feel a little rushed but it’s great to be able to swim in the crystal clear waters, walk along the golden sand and learn about the different trades of the islands. You also get a BBQ lunch on board the boat but be warned, there was no vegetarian option so I just ended up having two bread rolls and some salad! The best part of the cruise for me was being able to jump off the boat and into the sea at the end. It felt like you were in paradise.

So those are my 5 top things to do in Kos. We had such an amazing holiday and I can’t wait to do some more travelling in 2020! Have you ever been to Kos? Leave your tips and places to visit in the comments below!

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