• 23rd April 2017

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit

Barry M

Barry M Cosmetics has followed in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner, Megan McKenna and other major make-up brands by releasing its very own lip kit range.

This new make-up revolution is currently dominated by Kylie Jenner. If you type “lip kits” into Google, Kylie Cosmetics comes out on top. As a result, they are a bit of a faff for us Brits to get a hold of. You’re either faced with your preferred shade being constantly out of stock or you’re looking at extortionate international shipping prices.

I’ve wanted to get my hands on a lip kit for a while as I think it’s a great idea that you can get a lip colour that already comes with a matching pencil, saving you from making a blunder and purchasing two items that will just not work together.

I was extremely close to spending a large amount on Kylie Jenner’s range when hallelujah; I saw a TV ad for Barry M’s Matte Me Up Lip Kit! The next morning, I rushed down to my local boots store, keen to get my hands on one.

Barry M have presented us with three gorgeous colours – Pose, Go To and Runway. Go To is a nude so go for this one if you want to keep it nice and natural. Runway is the pinkest of the three, adding a pop of colour to your lips. I went for Pose, a nice colour which sits in the middle of the other two – nude with just a touch of pink.

I always start with my lip liner first. The pencil is great and you barely have to press to get the colour to transfer onto your lip line. It’s of really great quality and you can manipulate the liner to make your lips look bigger. The colour is very wet when it first touches your lips which makes it easy to apply evenly. Once the colour dries, I sometimes go back over the outline of my lips with the liner, just to make my lips look fuller.

lip colourI loved the result. The colour is gorgeous and the matte look makes this lip colour perfect for the daytime. Barry M claim that the liquid lipstick is non-drying but I do have to disagree with this slightly. I found that as the liquid dried, it did make my lips feel quite dry. It’s not uncomfortable but I couldn’t wear this for longer than 6 hours. Having said that, the colour stays on well throughout the day, even after eating a drinking.

I would definitely recommend Barry M’s lipkits if you are looking for a high street alternative to the celebrity versions. The colours are gorgeous and they only cost £6.99 – much more purse friendly!

Have you managed to get your hands on these limited edition lip kits? Which is your favourite colour?

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