• 26th May 2016

Busted: Pigs Can Fly Tour 2016

She Who Lives pig at Busted

So this week, I travelled back in time to when I was about ten-years-old again. I had the privilege of seeing one of my favourite childhood bands Busted performing live at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

I last saw Busted way back in 2004 at Powderham Castle in Exeter. I used to listen to their songs all the time, constantly singing them round the house and no doubt driving my parents bonkers!

Busted at CardiffWhen I found out that they were reforming and were touring the UK, I had to get my hands on some tickets. I couldn’t believe that I was getting the chance to see this amazing band again live, twelve years on!

After warming up our vocal chords to supporting act Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag, an inflatable pig soared across the crowd telling us that Busted were near! When they came onto the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild – it was amazing and so surreal to see them all together again after so many years.

I was worried that they wouldn’t sound as good as they once did but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were pitch perfect and definitely had not lost their talent.

They started off with a new song, Coming Home, before launching into one of my absolute favourites, Air Hostess. What followed was an amazing set which included all the classics and some more of their new material. The highlights for me were when they performed You Said No, Dawsons Geek and Who’s David as they are some of my absolute favourites.

Another highlight was when they moved stages and suddenly appeared on a small stage at the back. I thought this was a great idea as it meant that the people right at the back didn’t miss out!

They were everything a band should be – perfectly in-synch, throwing cheeky banter at each other throughout the show and getting the crowd involved.

Charlie Simpson from Busted

You could tell that they genuinely loved performing together again and were touched that their fans still love and supported them. I love it when artists are so gracious like that!

It was an amazing night and I really hope that this isn’t the last time we see Busted.

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