• 14th February 2017

What it’s like to date a Graphic Designer

Dating a designer

Ok, so… I hate Valentine’s Day. I always have even before I met Ollie. I just think it’s so commercialised and gimmicky! It might also be down to the fact that I’m not an overly mushy person so the idea of buying Ollie one of these teddy bears clutching a heart saying “I love you” actually makes me want to throw up a little.

However, I absolutely accept that some people love Valentine’s Day so to keep with the theme, I thought I’d do my own Valentine’s post but in a more tongue-in-cheek way. As you may or may not know, Ollie is a Graphic Designer and with this comes a unique set of personality traits. Here’s a little taste of what it’s like to date a Graphic Designer…


  1. It takes a while for them to order food in a restaurant. Instead of looking at what’s on the menu, they are looking at the typography, the design and the layout!


  1. They are obsessed with typography. We could be walking down the high street and it will be common for Ollie to turn to me and go, “Abi, do you know what that type face is?” No Ollie, I can’t say that I do….


  1. They know every colour on the pantone colour chart – no Abi, of course that’s not a red jumper, it’s pantone number…..


  1. They’re used to tight deadlines so are very punctual and on time if not early for everything. We meet at 8:10 every morning to walk to work together. If it turns 8:12, I guarantee I will have a “where are you” text on my phone


  1. They are very critical because that’s their job! There’s always something that can be done better and the phrase “That’s a shit design, I could do it better” is quite common.


  1. Their furniture Pinterest board is filled with quirky designs and you start to become a bit concerned with what your future house will look like


  1. Buying gifts is a nightmare. Designers have expensive taste – design books are a fortune and stylish furniture, let’s just not go there.


  1. You always get amazing hand-crafted gifts. It pays to be going out with an artist 😉


  1. They have their own language. They will start telling you about what they did at work that day and you find yourself feeling like you’re back in school, in a maths class, where you don’t know what the bloody hell is going on.


  1. Their mind is always wondering, thinking of their next big idea. It’s common for me to be talking and in a split second, I’ve lost Ollie’s attention and he’s gone into his own world.


Before you start wondering why I’m slating my boyfriend, I’m completely not haha! All these things are what make Ollie so great. I love how creative he is, how he pays attention to detail and how he is genuinely passionate about what he does. He’s the most caring person I’ve ever met and I hope to spend many more years living with him and all his traits!

Ollie and Abi

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