• 18th October 2015

Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Potato Brownies

Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato Brownies

This weekend I finally got round to making Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Potato Brownies. I’ve wanted to try these for ages as I have heard how popular they are on her blog and I’m constantly seeing them all over my Instagram.

It seemed like the perfect time to make them as well. I’ve had a particularly bad week in terms of snacking. It feels like I have been snacking non-stop and not necessarily on good things. So I thought these brownies would be perfect for curbing my sweet tooth cravings. They include no sugar and no fat – the only slight naughty ingredient is the maple syrup but even then, there’s only 3 tablespoons in the whole batch. You can use regular coco powder instead of the Cacao powder but you will need to use twice as much.

For the full list of ingredients and the recipe, I urge you to buy Ella’s book or the recipe can be found here on her blog.

I was quite apprehensive when it came to the taste test. I wasn’t too sure about the combination of a vegetable with coco. However, I can honestly say they are gorgeous. They aren’t as sweet as shop bought brownies (which just shows you how much sugar and fat goes into those things) but you get the gorgeous flavour of the coco through which true chocolate lovers will definitely appreciate. The best thing is, they don’t taste like sweet potato at all! The potato actually helps to create that gooey-ness that every brownie should have. This is the perfect substitute for a sugar-packed cake and I will definitely be making them again.


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