• 8th October 2016

Exploring Barcelona: Part One

Barcelona part 1

Hola! I have just got back from a long weekend in beautiful Barcelona. My boyfriend and I wanted to get away this autumn but with both of us being quite busy in our jobs and life in general at the moment, we couldn’t afford to go on holiday for weeks (though I wish we could!). So we decided a city break would be perfect. Neither of us had been to Barcelona before but have always wanted to go so off we flew.

Flying out at lunchtime on Friday, we arrived at Gerona airport late afternoon. After a relatively short bus journey, we arrived in the city and as soon as we stepped off the bus, the heat hit us. It was about 25 degrees most days which I was thrilled about. It was nice to have some decent sun again after the dreary, cold weather we’ve had in England lately!

Sagrada FamiliaFirst funny story of the trip… we had no idea where our hotel was. We obviously knew that it was in the city centre somewhere but having not precisely mapped out our root before we left, we just had to wing it. We thought we’d just wonder around for a while and we’d stumble across it. Ollie reckoned that if we could find the Sagrada Familia (the famous Guadi church) he’d be able to get us to the hotel from there. Well after an hour and a half of wondering round Barcelona and having found the Sagrada Familia, we still hadn’t found the hotel. We got there after I decided to risk turning my data roaming on to use Google maps (I’m still dreading receiving my phone bill!). The receptionist welcomed us with glasses of champagne and asked where we had come from and how we had arrived. When we said that we had gotten the bus from the airport, she replied with “Oh so just round the corner then.” Our faces dropped. She got out the map and indeed showed us that the bus station was only a couple of streets away from the hotel! We couldn’t believe it and just started laughing. At least we had seen a lot of Barcelona already!

paellaAfter we had freshened up, we decided to have a bit of a wonder around the local area to see if we could find a nice place to eat. We came across Bruc 33 Tapas, a gorgeous tapas restaurant, stylishly decorated with a massive menu. There was so much to choose from and if you are a real tapas fan, this would be your little slice of heaven. Mainly because I couldn’t decided and I was very hungry after a day of travelling, I decided to go for a proper hearty dish rather than tapas so chose the seafood paella washed down with a glass of sangria (could I look more of a tourist?!). It was just what I needed. The paella was absolutely scrummy and so filling, I couldn’t actually finish it all. I have a feeling you were meant to share it but Ollie and I were so hungry we just ordered one each. There was plenty of mixed seafood folded into it including fresh, whole prawns which were juicy and succulent. The sangria was really refreshing and included plenty of fruit! A nice touch was that the bill was presented to you in a cute, little box which I thought was pretty cool as it was different! I would definitely recommend this place if you are visiting Barcelona.

Returning to the hotel, we had a nightcap on the rooftop bar to celebrate our first night in Barcelona and to plan out how we were going to fill our weekend.

The next instalment of my Barcelona diary will be coming next week where we explore some of the Guadi buildings, enjoy a spectacular fountain show and of course, drink plenty more sangria!


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