• 26th October 2016

Exploring Barcelona: Photo highlights and top tips

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my travel diary, Exploring Barcelona! The one thing I really do love about blogging is that it’s a great platform to be able to share experiences such as this with the world. To bring the series to an end, I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos from the trip and some top tips on how to make the most of your time in Barcelona…

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Top Tips 

Travel from the airport to the centre of Barcelona by bus. It only cost us about 24 euros each for a return ticket which is so much cheaper than getting a taxi considering the journey is at least an hours drive.

Plan before you go how you are going to get to your hotel from the bus station unless you want to waste an hour and a half like we did!

Depending on your hotel deal, it can be cheaper to buy breakfast out rather than eat in the hotel. There are plenty of coffee and pastry shops around Barcelona, all offering great prices.

Make sure to get a map from the hotel reception and ask them to pick out all the best places to visit. This way, you can plan your visit, ensuring that you get to do everything you want to before you have to leave.

Book popular tourist attractions online way in advance. Seriously, if you want to go inside La Sagrada Familia or the Picasso museum, I would book these tickets at the same time as booking your flights and hotel.

Remember that some attractions, like the Guadi gardens, have specific tour times. Find out when these times are before you go so you can plan your days efficiently.

If you’re up to it, walk around Barcelona rather than taking a tour bus. In massive cities, I love a good tour bus but Barcelona isn’t huge and can easily be explored on foot.

Don’t always stick to the map. Let your feet wonder a little. Barcelona has so many hidden gems and beautiful streets which you will only discover if you go off the beaten track.

In Spain, locals tend to eat later at night so consider going for your dinner no earlier than 8pm as you may be the only ones in the restaurant!

If you only do one thing, make sure it is to see the magic fountain show at night (Thurs-Sun). It’s truly spectacular.

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