• 2nd May 2016

Ivy Park by Beyonce

Beyonce in Ivy Park for Topshop

Ivy Park, a sportswear range designed by Beyonce, has finally hit our Topshop stores. There was a lot of hype around this range before it launched, particularly on Twitter so I was curious to check it out.

On the day that Ivy Park was released, I noticed that people were freaking out all morning on Twitter due to the site crashing because of too much internet traffic. I was actually at work so I thought that there was no hope of getting my hands on any pieces by the time lunch time came around. I work in the centre of town, right round the corner from Topshop, so as I wondered round on my lunch break, I was 100% expecting the range to be sold out already.

Ivy Park at Topshop

I was really surprised when I walked in to see that Ivy Park clothing was everywhere with all sizes available! From what I had seen online, I expected the same to be happening in-store with everyone grabbing for the clothes before they sold out! I asked the sales assistant about this and she told me that it was pretty impossible for them to run out of the clothes in store as they had so much of it in the storeroom. This just goes to show that Topshop ensured that their stores were very much prepared for the new range so that no one would be left disappointed.

Pleasantly surprised, I started browsing through all the different items. The first thing I noticed was how the prices were actually really reasonable. I was shocked because usually when a brand has a celebrity face associated with them, their prices go through the roof. It was refreshing to see that a celebrity as big as Beyonce can actually bring out affordable clothes.

Everything was really stylish as well. From shorts, to tank tops and baseball caps to hoodies, Ivy Park really does have your gym outfit covered. After much deliberation, I decided to go for the black tank top and the shorts.

Ivy Park black tank top

The tank top is a really flattering fit and is so light. With my gym tops, I always look for something quite light and thin so I can move around comfortably when exercising and don’t overheat. I love big slogans as well so this top is just perfect! I also really like how the sides of the top are nice and deep. It allows air to surround your body and makes the top even more flexible.

I bought the shorts as I needed a new pair for summer. These are great because they are made of good quality material and they even have an extra layer underneath to ensure that they are not see-through. They are really comfortable and allow your legs to move easily, particularly when running. The band around the top ensures that they don’t fall down at all or move when you’re exercising and the length of them is perfect. Not too long so perfect for summer but not too short. I find that some shorts are just way too short to the point where your bum cheeks are hanging out but you don’t have to worry about that with this pair!

Orange Ivy Park shorts

I could have bought the whole Ivy Park range as I honestly thought it all looked great. I will definitely be keeping this brand in mind next time I need some new sportswear.

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