• 6th January 2018

How to Kick Start your Healthy Lifestyle

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2018! Wow, I can’t believe another year has flown by. She Who Lives went on quite a journey in 2017 from living as a vegan for seven days to starting a new job, going on holiday with Ollie’s family to attending hotel launches, we’ve done so many fab things.

A new year means a new start for many. According to various polls, the most common resolutions focus on health and fitness. More often than not, it’s easier said than done. I for one find it extremely hard to get motivated after Christmas having been used to lying on the sofa for a week, munching my way through various sweet treats. What does get me going though is that urge to get rid of that sluggish feeling. After my first workout this month, I felt so much better, almost like I had suddenly woken up from a massive food coma! I thought it would be useful to share how I motivate myself at the start of a new year with a little help from some of my fitness gurus:


Take advantage of the January sales in bookshops

Kayla ItsinesI’ve seen so many books on sale at bargain prices this month, particularly the healthy eating ones. Take advantage of the great prices by going out and purchasing a couple. The Lean in 15 books by Joe Wicks all seem to be at a great price and we all know how much I worship that man! His new one, the fat loss plan, is only £8.49 at the moment in WH Smith. I’m still making my way through the last Joe Wicks book I purchased so haven’t grabbed this one yet but I’m sure I will do eventually! Instead, I picked up The Bikini Body Motivation and Habits Guide by Kayla Itsines. I follow Kayla on Instagram and love adopting the different workouts she posts so thought I would give her book a go. I’ve only just started it so can’t give you a full review yet but from what I’ve read so far, it’s the perfect book to get you motivated. Claiming that it’s all about training your mind into practicing good habits, Kayla takes us through exactly how we can change our attitude towards food and fitness to ensure that we stay motivated in the long run. The book also includes a complete four-week meal plan, 28-day workout poster and over 200 scrummy recipes. Give it a go!


Download an app

Deliciously ellaThere are plenty of great health and fitness apps out there just waiting to be downloaded. I love a good app as it ensures that I stay focused and keep motivated whilst out and about. MyFitnessPal is a good one for when you are out of the house. It allows you to track what you are eating throughout the day, even giving you precise nutritional information and counts your calories. You can also track how many cups of water you have been drinking and the workouts you have completed. The Deliciously Ella app is another great tool. It’s not free but is currently half price at just £1.99 so get downloading! There are hundreds of healthy recipes on there, right at your fingertips. Many have been taken from her blog but there are loads that are exclusive to the app. Everything looks so delicious on there that I spend hours and hours just scrolling through the different categories!


Get Pinning!


I’m a massive fan of Pinterest when it comes to looking for health and fitness inspiration. There’s hundreds of great work out ideas and scrummy recipes. I like to use it to find quick and easy recipes that I can whip up on a weekday evening after the gym when I don’t have a lot of time. It’s also great for finding new workouts and if you’re like me and need to visualise what you want your stomach to look like, it’s great for pinning washboard abs! Check out my Fitness and Good Food boards to see what I’ve been pinning lately, just click here.


I hope these tips have been helpful to get you started. Remember, keep yourself educated and keep up your research – it’s the best way to keep motivated! We can do this together guys! For the record, my resolution is to get abs – the same resolution as last year haha! I WILL get there!

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