• 5th November 2016

Moving Diary: Making a house a home

New bedroom

Hello She Who Lives readers! So it’s been about a month and a half since my last entry in the Moving Diary. Last time, I had finally made the big move and was sat writing the post at my kitchen table, still half unpacked and had a living room with absolutely nothing in it. I mean, didn’t it look like I’d just been robbed!?

Bare living room

Now that we are coming towards the end of October, I have been living in my new abode for 7 weeks and it definitely feels more like a home. It’s been a gradual process as obviously, I couldn’t afford to buy all my big pieces of furniture all at once. I had to do it step by step and put some money aside each month. For anyone who knows me, you’ll know that I’m a very impatient person. I like things to get done NOW and I absolutely hate waiting so this was very tricky for me. As soon as I moved in, I wanted my TV in my living room, the coffee table set up and my dream corner sofa. My theory was that if I bought it all at once, then I could spend all the money I had and then not have to worry about spending any more when my next pay cheque came in. Friends and family soon made me realise that idea was stupid. If I blew all my money all at once, how was I going to feed myself for the rest of the month?

After decoration

So the biggest learning curve so far has definitely been learning how to be patient. I soon realised that it was actually quite fun getting pieces of furniture gradually as I could feel my house building into a home slowly. It also makes me feel quite proud that I went from having nothing in here to now sitting on my sofa with my cuppa on the coffee table!

Another way that I’ve made my house a home is by decorating with candles, house plants and pictures. We’ve got a lovely fire place in the living room which I’ve filled with my candles, an artistic print that I found in a shop called No Guts No Glory and a house plant just to add a bit of greenery, which was also from the same shop. I love lighting all my candles in the evening, especially now that winter is drawing in. It makes the room feel lovely and cosy.


I’ve also hung various pictures on the wall. In the living room, I’ve tried to keep to a theme by hanging pictures that all have a touch of pink in them. I’ve hung one picture in the hall to add a splash of colour and of course, my precious lion picture and Diagon Alley map take pride of place in my bedroom.

The great thing about having your own place is that you can invite people round when you wish. I love entertaining and am very house proud so really enjoy inviting people over so they can have a mooch around and have a bite to eat. I’m enjoying cooking again as I really do love it. It’s a great feeling when you try out a new recipe and it actually turns out to be delicious! Recently, me and Em invited a couple of people around for a roast dinner which was so fun! We ate until our hearts content and had a fun night of drinking and playing board games.

Moving out has forced me to think a lot harder about how I spend my money. Of course, I always need to make sure that I have enough to make my rent every month but I also need to bear in mind that I have council tax and bills to pay on top of that. I get a discount on council tax as I live with my sister who is a full-time student so if you are in a similar situation; definitely make sure you apply for the discount. It really does make quite a big difference. I’m much more of a saver now as I still want to be able to travel and afford a holiday every year. I definitely do miss shopping 🙁 But I just keep thinking that if I save, it will all be worth it! I’m eager to save enough so that I can afford a mortgage in the near future!

My sister and I

People keep asking me, “how is it living with your sister?” Truthfully, I love it! We’ve always been really close and have gotten on really well anyway so I always knew we would have no issues. If one of us has been a bit untidy or hasn’t put something away, we will just address it. It’s much harder when you live with friends as you feel awkward asking them to do something as you don’t want to jeopardise your friendship. When you live with family, you don’t really have to worry about that. She will always be my sister regardless of whether we piss each other off or not!

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