• 11th August 2016

Moving Diary: Part Two

House Graphic by Ollie Eskriett

If you read my first entry in my Moving Diary, you would know that my sister and I were struggling to find a landlord that would accept both of us as she’s a full-time student and I am in full-time employment.

This was starting to get on my nerves as I kept seeing properties that I really liked but the estate agents would keep telling us we needed a combined income of £25k. So I decided to ask one of my lovely friends for advice.

She was in the same situation when she moved in with her boyfriend. She was in employment but he was a full-time student. She said that as long as one of us had a guarantor, the landlord would accept you. The mistake I had been making was that I had failed to mention to estate agents on the phone that my sister’s half of the rent would be paid for by my parents. My friend said that when she was house hunting, she found that estate agents would always avoid saying that if you have a guarantor, then it would be fine. You have to voluntarily give this information.

Armed with this new tip off, I went to view a gorgeous top floor flat last week which was in a perfect and convenient area of the city. From the outside, it looks like a normal, fairly small terraced house. However, step inside the front door and go up the stairs to the top floor and you uncover the most spacious flat I have ever seen! The building goes really far back so it creates this nice, big area. The flat is in a great condition with oak doors throughout, a large lounge and dining area, a modern kitchen and bathroom and two decent sized double bedrooms. It even has its own garden!

I fell in love with it instantly so I said that we’d take it. She started spurting the usual line of you have to earn £25k but then I mentioned that my sister had a guarantor – the situation was resolved.

So where are we now? Well, we’ve both paid our reference fee which was £150 each and this has reserved the property for us. We’ve completed the referencing documents and are now preparing to go into the estate agents, hand these in so we can move on to signing the tenancy agreement.

Moving diary print for house

Print from Oh Flora – www.oh-flora.com

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to have finally found somewhere to live! This flat is honestly perfect, everything I imagined my first home would be.

My advice to anyone who is currently house hunting is to just keep going and don’t get bogged down in the stress of it all. You come across obstacles but they can always be overcome. There were times when I was ready to give up, thinking that I’d never find a place to live. However, after relentlessly searching, you will eventually find somewhere that is perfect.


I am now about to go Pinterest crazy with house ideas, what type of furniture I want and how I want to deck out my new bedroom! I’ve already purchased this gorgeous print which I thought we could put up in our new living room! Who doesn’t love a good inspirational quote to look at every day?!

I will keep you updated with how everything goes. My next entry will be all about what happens when you have chosen your home.

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