• 16th May 2017

National Vegetarian Week

Hey lovely readers! I’m sure your social media feeds have been dominated by the fact that it’s National Vegetarian Week! Although I’m not a strict vegetarian myself, a large part of my diet excludes meat, simply because I’m not a big fan and I don’t like to cook with it. I also recognise that there are many health benefits from being a vegetarian. Cutting out meat encourages you to explore the different flavours that vegetables, herbs, spices and even fruit can offer. In addition, by replacing your meat with alternatives such as Quorn and tofu, you are cutting down your fat intake. Perfect for if you are trying to lose weight.

 If you are looking for some new recipes to help you take on the Vegetarian challenge this week, have a read of some of my favourite recipes:

 Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew 

 Chickpea curry

Full of vegetables and flavour, this stew is one of my favourite Deliciously Ella recipes. Click here to make it!

Lean in 15 Cashew Nut Noodles 

Are you a massive fan of peanut butter? Yes? Then this recipe is definitely for you. Click here to make it!

Lean in 15 Chilli con Avocado 

 lean in 15

Swap the beef mince with Quorn and you’re on to a winning Vegetarian meal. Click here for the recipe!

Hemsley and Hemsley Papaya Halloumi Salad 

hemsley hemsley

 This one is a great meal for those sunny evenings and the papaya and halloumi go so well together. Click here for the recipe!

Skinny Taste Mushroom Stroganoff 


This is deliciously creamy but totally guilt free and a great one to try during National Vegetarian Week. Click here for the recipe!

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