• 26th May 2018

New Home Update: Choosing our options and exchanging

by stencil

So we’ve reached a milestone in our house-buying journey – we’ve officially exchanged contracts! Now we’re just waiting to complete and then the house will legally be ours.

Our house is now at roof level and soon the builder’s will be starting on the inside, working on the plumbing, electrics, fixtures and fittings.

new build   new home

It’s amazing how quickly our house has come out of the ground! When we first viewed the site back in February, our house only had the foundations in and it was pretty much just a muddy plot. Now, it’s shot up and we love being able to see it all come together.

Just before the roof goes onto a new build, you have to finalise your options. One of the main reasons why we favoured a new build was because you get to choose the design of your house. With Taylor Wimpey, we’ve been able to choose our kitchen worktops, tiles, flooring and bathroom. After taking about a month to decide (so many choices!), this is what we’ve gone for:

Kitchen worktop and cupboards

Volcanic Ash kitchen worktop  our cupboard choice

Kitchen and hallway tiles (top left)


Carpet in the living room, stairs, landing and bedrooms (far right)

carpet choices

Bathroom tile and flooring

Bathroom options

Now because I favour honesty in my blog, I’m not going to lie and say this was the smoothest process ever. It wasn’t. It was going well up until Taylor Wimpey dropped a bit of a bombshell on us ONE WEEK before we had to finalise our options! So we were pretty set on our options and we were absolutely in love with our kitchen worktop. It’s always been my dream to have a white marble effect worktop and there was a beautiful one on offer so immediately, we selected that one. One week before we were set to finalise, we popped into the Sales Centre with Ollie’s parents to show them around the show home and the site. The Sales Executive thought that this was a good time to tell us both that the marble worktop had been discontinued and we’d have to choose another one – I was so upset! I understand that it was out of Taylor Wimpey’s control as it was the manufacturer’s decision but we were really angry that they didn’t phone us to tell us immediately.

Anyway, after we got used to the news, we chose the dark oak worktop that I do really love and I can’t wait to see it in our new kitchen. If you’re buying a new house and you’re at the stage where you can choose your options, I’d recommend taking as long as you need. Don’t rush into selecting the first kitchen top or the first bathroom tile you fall in love with. Make sure you really think about how it will fit in with your interior design plans. Even when we were convinced we wanted the white marble worktop, we still took the time to have a look on Pinterest to get some inspiration on how we could decorate our kitchen if we had a marble worktop. Now that we’ve selected a dark wood worktop, I’m already imagining putting loads of lovely green house plants in the kitchen which I think will compliment the wood nicely!

Now that we’ve exchanged, it’s a bit of a waiting game. Completion is expected September / October but I’m hoping they can be a bit more specific the closer we get to autumn. The next milestone will probably be a site walk. When the house is stable and safe, the site manager will take us into the home to see it progress and of course, I’ll take you guys with me. Watch this space!

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