• 28th December 2016

New Year, New Resolutions

new goals

As 2016 draws to a close, I’ve started thinking about what my New Years resolutions will be. I know plenty of people think that resolutions are a waste of time but I love making them. The start of a new year means the start of new goals which I strive to achieve. It doesn’t even matter whether you’ve completed your resolutions or not but that fact that you have tried is all the more reason to celebrate! My resolution for 2016 was a simple one – to go on a date. By 1st of February, I’d completed it. I don’t believe I would have done that if I hadn’t set myself that goal! So these are my 2017 resolutions and you can hold me to them – I’ll keep you updated with how things are going, good or bad!

Achieve abs by June

Since becoming really into fitness, my goal has always been to gain a nice stomach that I’m proud of. I have yet to get abs but I am so determined this year as Ollie has bet me £50. I’m such a stubborn person and I won’t stop until I get that £50 as I want to go shopping! It’s the same for him though. If he gets abs, I need to also give him £50. We’ll see who gets there first 😉 We have June as the deadline as that’s when we are off on holiday!

Practice yoga regularly

I absolutely love yoga but have found it difficult in the past to practice it regularly. I’m going to make an extra effort this year to try and practice it, at the very least, every other day. I’ve started by signing up to Erin Motz’s 10 day ‘I am’ challenge. Starting on 2nd January, each class every day will focus on a different mantra beginning with I am. It’s the perfect way to start off your new year with a great, positive attitude. If you’re new to yoga, I would definitely recommend Erin. You can find plenty of her videos on YouTube and they range from beginner to advance. I’ve also been given a yoga mat for Christmas so I have absolutely no excuses! I’m determined to be doing fancy poses by this time next year.

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