• 26th February 2017

New Year Resolutions: Update

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So we are well and truly into 2017 and it’s been nearly 3 months since I made my New Year Resolutions. If you remember, in my post New Year, New Resolutions, I made a bid to get abs by June and to practice yoga regularly. Have I stuck to these resolutions so far or have I thrown in the towel? Here’s how I’ve got on so far…


Achieve abs by June

Well, I still go to the gym regularly so that’s a good start! I try and do four decent exercise sessions a week, each lasting about an hour. I’m starting to focus much more on my abs by doing ball crunches, elevated sit ups, bosu twists, planks and Human Trainer Pushup Knee Tucks. I’m always looking to try out new exercises though so please leave me comments or tweet me with your suggestions!

The exercise is going well and I enjoy going to the gym but my diet is letting me down at the moment which is why I’m not seeing any results. My main meals are all fine – they are healthy and nutritious – but I’m such a snack monster at the moment! People keep bringing chocolate into the office which doesn’t help as I can’t resist a good bit of chocolate. I need to make an extra effort to make my healthy snacks at the weekend so I’m set for the week. I’ve got until June so at least there’s still time to improve!


Practice yoga regularly

In my original post, I wrote that I wanted to try and practice yoga every other day. This started off well in January but I have to admit, throughout February I’ve been doing it roughly three times a week. I still don’t think that’s too bad as at least I’m still putting in the effort but just not as frequently as I would like. I think my wavering diet has effected how much effort I put into my yoga routine. If I’ve had a bad day of snacking, it usually makes me feel exhausted by the end of the day and by the time I return home from the gym, I’m knackered and all I want to do is sit down!

This week, I’ve been pushing myself to get my mat out and stop being so lazy. Once I actually start a routine, I quickly fall into the flow so it’s just pushing through that initial lazy feeling. After all, it does only take me 15-20 minutes so I can always relax after that! Erin Motz has just announced that she will be airing some new yoga videos at the beginning of March so this comes at a perfect time for me to get back on it.


Have you been sticking to your resolutions? How are you getting on? Comment below or tweet me @SheWhoLives1


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