• 25th April 2018

Review: ASK Italian


Who doesn’t love a good Italian meal? Creamy pasta dishes, fluffy pizzas swamped in toppings and not to mention buttery garlic bread. There are so many Italian restaurant chains on our high streets, most of which I’ve reviewed on this blog, but which one is truly the best? Let me tell you a little about my recent trip to ASK Italian in Exeter…

My sister and I wanted to take my mum out for lunch for Mother’s Day this year. It’s something all three of us love doing – eating and drinking prosecco. With so many restaurants offering good Mother’s Day deals, we whittled it down to ASK as we all love Italian and their menu looked excellent. Not to mention it was only £19.95 each for a three-course meal and a glass of bubbles!

Mum at ASK Italian with bubbles

My lovely mum!

I love the Exeter branch of ASK. Nestled beside the cathedral in a beautiful courtyard, the restaurant is really cosy and inviting. The courtyard would be perfect for al fresco dining on a warm summers evening and the restaurant features rustic Italian décor and is made up of loads of small rooms rather than one big room, eliminating noise without taking away the atmosphere.

Sitting down at our table, a friendly waiter instantly poured us all a glass of prosecco. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find the prosecco in restaurants can be quite hit and miss. Well, not this one. It was honestly one of the best prosecco’s I have ever tasted. It had a lovely flavour and was so bubbly. We loved it so much that we just went ahead and ordered a bottle!

To start, I chose the Butterfly King Prawns. These were oven-roasted on Italian bread with garlic and parsley. They were so succulent and really juicy, just like king prawns should be. The garlic and the parsley combined made for an excellent flavour and the whole dish came out sizzling hot.

King prawns at ASK Italian

Next up came the main courses. I’m always in a conundrum when I visit an Italian restaurant, as I absolutely love both pizza and pasta equally so it always takes me an age to choose! This time, I went for the Linguine Carbonara – crispy pancetta in a rich creamy sauce with pecorino, mascarpone and riserva cheeses. Oh my goodness. This was delicious (well how could it not be with three cheeses in there!). The pasta was cooked well and the strong flavour of the pancetta really came through and wasn’t overpowered by the cheese. The portion size was perfect as well. Not too big but not too small – just enough that I still had room for pudding.


The sweetest slice of Honeycomb Cheesecake finished the meal nicely. This was delicious but probably not my favourite part of the meal. I think it may have just been whipped out of the freezer but nevertheless; it was just the right amount of sweetness to leave our stomachs feeling full and satisfied. The topping was lovely and creamy with the cookie base crumbling away nicely.

honeycomb cheesecake

Overall, I would definitely recommend ASK Italian. This is my favourite Italian restaurant so next time your pondering on where to eat whilst your increasingly getting even more hungry, just go to ASK – you can thank me later 😉

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