• 15th November 2016

Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby


Everybody knows that Bridget Jones’s Diary is the go-to film for single women. When I was single, I absolutely loved cracking out this little gem. It’s such a feel-good, empowering film with a lovely happy ending and plenty of comedy that we can all relate to. I mean, who doesn’t have a pair of massive knickers to suck in all those wobbly bits?

So, 15 years on from when the first film was released (I tend to disregard the 2004 sequel as I really don’t like it so let’s pretend that doesn’t exist) Universal Pictures brings Bridget back into our lives and this time, she’s pregnant!

I was excited but a little sceptical to see Bridget Jones’s Baby. As with any film that you love, you’re always a little wary when it comes to watching the sequel. With this movie, I was concerned that the sparkle of Bridget Jones and the comedy would be lost considering it’s been a number of years since the last two films were released.

The start of the film finds Bridget (Renée Zellweger) still single and working as a television producer. She’s still friends with the much-loved Shazza (Sally Phillips), Tom (James Callis) and Jude (Shirley Henderson) and is preparing to celebrate her 43rd birthday by attending a music festival. There, she meets the dashing Jack (Patrick Dempsey) and sleeps with him before parting ways. Then she bumps into her ex, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) at a christening and, you guessed it, sleeps with him too. As the title of the film lets on, Bridget falls pregnant but has no idea which man is the father. What ensues is a hilarious mission to figure out who is the father of her baby whilst battling with emotions, relationships and being pregnant!

From start to finish, this film had me and the rest of the cinema laughing out loud. A particular scene where Bridget and her friend are gossiping between reading the news live on air brang actual tears to my eyes. Emma Thompson plays Bridget’s doctor and brings her perfect dry humour to the screen whilst Ed Sheeran makes a sneaky cameo.

Renée Zellweger fits right back into the role of Bridget as if she was on the set of the first film only yesterday. Everything we love about Bridget is still there. Her wit, charm and down-to-earth personality are all in abundance.

The storyline is never dull with every scene moving at a decent pace, packed full of humour. I could honestly have sat in that cinema and watched the film all day – I just didn’t want it to end. Without ruining it, the ending is wonderful and a little unexpected as throughout the film you are constantly changing your mind on how it might end. Ellie Goulding’s perfect voice ends the film as she sings the beautiful ‘Still Falling for You’. You can’t help but leave with a massive smile on your face.

Usually, this is the part in a review where I say what was wrong with the movie, but honestly I can’t think of anything. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t read the books but a friend told me that the book follows a completely different storyline to the film but she thought it was a good thing. In her opinion, the movie script is a lot better.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t out on DVD in time for Christmas which is a shame! I would have loved to put it on my Christmas list as I can’t wait to watch it again! We don’t have too long to wait though. It’s released on DVD in the UK on 30th January 2017 so make sure you grab a copy and give it a watch.


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