• 26th November 2017

Review: Have a Caribbean Christmas at Turtle Bay

Sweetcorn Fritters at Turtle Bay

Yey! It’s officially less than one month until Christmas! To help us get into the Christmas spirit, the kind team at Exeter’s Turtle Bay invited us in to try their brand new Christmas menu. This is the first time that the Caribbean restaurant chain has offered a festive menu so we were keen to see what was on offer.

We were sampling Turtle Bay’s all day, 4 course festive menu. Upon arrival, we enjoyed a platter that included Garlic ‘N’ Herb Flatbread, Trini Chickpeas and Spicy Pork Rinds. The garlic bread was nice and warm, obviously fresh out the oven, and the crushed chilli plus the rocket on the top gave it a nice kick. Our only comment would have been that the garlic flavour wasn’t as strong as we would have liked. The chickpeas were perfect to nibble on. They looked like they were supposed to be crunchy but they were soft and fluffy inside which was a nice surprise. The pork rinds were like pork scratching’s and again, were delicious and not too salty unlike the ones you get in the pub.


Moving on to the starters, I went for the Crispy Chilli Squid. Coated in spiced panko and served with mango mole, fresh lime and coriander mayo, these squid rings were so juicy and succulent, I could have easily eaten a massive bowl of them. They had just enough spice to give the dish a little kick and the mango mole was really refreshing with the sweet taste complimenting the chilli nicely. Ollie went for the Garlic and Chilli Pit Prawns, which he said had lots of flavour and he loved the addition of the flatbread that they were sat on.

chilli quid   Prawns at Turtle Bay

For the main course, I chose the Pit Salmon. Described on the menu as crispy skin fresh salmon served with grain salad, tangy sweet onion chutney and green seasoning, this was a really nice, light meal that wasn’t too spicy – perfect for me! I really enjoyed the grain salad as it was refreshing against the fish and loved the addition of the cranberries, which gave the dish a nice festive touch. Ollie went for the Guyanese Curry Duck that was served on the bone (something I hate) but admittedly did look beautiful. Cooked with potatoes, scotch bonnet, orange citrus flavours and served with coconut rice and dumplings, the duck was cooked so perfectly that the meat was just falling off the bone. It was full of flavour, not too spicy and the addition of the warm, sweet dumplings complimented the spice. Ollie’s only criticism was that there was a little too much rice.

Salmon and salad  duck at turtle bay

By this point, I felt like a stuffed Christmas turkey but it would have been a crime not to have pudding! I went for the Dark Chocolate Brownie and Ollie went for the Sticky Black Treacle Pudding. We both felt that the puddings let the festive menu down a little bit. Although my brownie was nice, it wasn’t as gooey as I would expect a brownie to be. It was more of a chocolate cake. Ollie thought the same about the treacle pudding – it was nice but not as good as the other courses.

Dark Chocolate Brownie   treacle pudding

Overall, our dinner was delicious as always and we were impressed with the range of dishes that have been included on the All-Day Christmas Menu. A big shout out to the waiting staff at the Exeter branch as well who were all so warm and friendly. Turtle Bay is also offering Festive Platters for £9 per head and a Festive Lunch menu for £15 per head. The All-Day Christmas Menu is £24 per head.

To view Turtle Bay’s Christmas menu’s, click here.

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