• 14th April 2015

Review: Fast and Furious 7

As a religious follower of The Fast and Furious film series, you can imagine my excitement when the latest instalment hit the big screen. For fans, I think this film is the most important in the series as unfortunately, this would be the last time we saw Paul Walker portray the much loved Brian O’Connor. As many of you will know, Paul Walker passed away on 30th November 2013 aged just 40-years-old. Leaving a charity event, Paul and his passenger Roger Rodas were involved in a fatal car accident. I was determined to spend my money to see this film, not just because I am a fan of the series, but because I wanted to go and pay my respects to a truly great actor.

Starring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges (Ludacris), Kurt Russell and Jason Statham, Furious 7 picks up from where number six left us hanging. Written by Chris Morgan and directed by James Wan, we return to the moment where fan favourite Han crashed in Tokyo and it is revealed that Owen Shaw’s brother Deckard (Statham) caused Han’s car to blow up and kill him. Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and the rest of the team are understandably devastated when they learn about their friend’s death. They are informed that Deckard is a rogue Special Forces assassin who is seeking to avenge his brother. What follows is 130 minutes of mind-blowing stunts, incredible special effects and a storyline that has you permanently gawping at the screen whilst Toretto and his family fight to bring down the Shaw’s once and for all.

Similar to the other films in the franchise, this film really captures the theme of family and what it means to be loyal. It’s not just about fast cars, girls and street cred. It’s about sticking by your family no matter what, even when one of them has been lost. The element that really stood out for me in this film was the insanity of the stunts. I really didn’t think that the stunts could get any more dangerous and mind-blowing but the directors have reached above and beyond to surprise the viewers – cars, a plane, and free-falling…that’s all I’m gonna say! As always, the characters would not have pulled these stunts off without teamwork and that is really highlighted in this film.

The storyline is gripping and you don’t find yourself wishing for the film to be over. I love how we get to see the girls fight it out as well as the boys, showing that Letty is just as bad-ass as the rest of them! New characters and new relationships allow for the franchise to continue and I for one really hope it does.

I would 100% recommend going to watch this film but only if you have watched all the others in the franchise as the film continues previous storylines. If you tend to cry at films, I would recommend taking a whole packet of tissues into the cinema with you as I didn’t so wasn’t prepared for the emotional tribute to Paul Walker at the end of the film! Without giving too much away, it really is powerful and beautiful; I saw grown men with tears in their eyes.

In the first two weeks, it secured a worldwide haul of $800 million in the box office – Paul would be proud!

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