• 24th September 2016

Review: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Queen St. Dining has recently announced the opening of its second restaurant, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK). I’ve heard a few people grumbling that Exeter doesn’t need another burger joint but, as a big burger fan, I disagree! The more the merrier and to be honest, I have yet to find a burger place that I absolutely love.

Gourmet Burger KitchenI jumped at the chance to visit GBK when I received my invitation to their “Grillwarming”. I had already been drooling over their menu so couldn’t wait to try one of their tasty looking burgers.

Covering two floors, GBK has a very modern interior with the downstairs feeling like a proper steakhouse kitchen and the upstairs decorated with soft furnishings and warm lighting. We were seated downstairs which I have to admit, was very noisy. I’m not sure if it was the amount of people that was creating the noise or if it was the acoustics of the room but I could barely hear the person sat next to me. I think next time, I would definitely request to be seated upstairs as it seemed to have a quieter, calmer atmosphere.

Gourmet Burger KitchenMy stomach was rumbling for my burger and when it came out, I wasn’t disappointed! I went for the popular GBK Cheese and Bacon. I chose to have it medium and the burger was smothered in crispy bacon, bbq sauce, house mayo, dill pickle and salad with cheddar cheese. It was even better than it sounds. The burger was cooked to perfection, just the way I like it, and was full of flavour. The chef was generous with all the toppings and the bun was nice and hot.

To complement our burgers, we ordered various sides for the table. The onion rings were honestly the best I’ve ever tasted. They were massive and had a scrumptious, crispy coating and weren’t soggy like most are. I also tried sweet potato fries as they are my absolute favourite and cheesy fries. Both tasted perfect and the cheesy fries were unlike any others that I have tasted. Rather than just a bit of grated cheese on top, the fries were coated with this gorgeous cheesy, runny sauce. I felt like I was in America! Definitely wasn’t good for you and was probably packed full of chemicals but hey, they tasted amazing!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, it would have been rude not to try one of their milkshakes for pudding. I had a salted caramel shake and it was so tasty, a decent size and really curbed my sweet tooth. It’s safe to say that I was definitely waddling back to my car afterwards!

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