• 14th August 2016

Review: Jamie’s Italian

Parma Ham pizza at Jamie's Italian

We celebrated my mum’s 50th recently and for her birthday meal, we decided to go to Jamie’s Italian in Exeter for lunch.

I’ve visited Jamie’s once before and have to admit that I wasn’t overly impressed. The food was fine but for the price, I would have expected a little more. However, I didn’t give the restaurant a proper review last time so thought I would go in with an open mind on this visit and see if my opinion could change.

Prosecco at Jamie's Italian

We were seated downstairs in one of the comfortable booths and were immediately asked what we would like to drink. As it was my mum’s birthday and she has a Jamie’s Gold Card, she was entitled to a free bottle of prosecco. This seemed to take a little while to clarify so we were waiting for a short time for our drinks and for someone to take our food order. However, when the prosecco did come, it was gorgeous. It had the perfect amount of fizz in it and you could tell it was of a good quality so the short wait was quickly forgotten.

We were brought a taster of succulent tomatoes on top of toasted bruschetta with whipped ricotta to begin with. This was the perfect combination of crispyness from the bruschetta along with juiciness from the tomatoes and a nice salty taste having been seasoned well.

Italian Ravioli at Jamie's Italian

I went for the Italian Nachos to start – crispy fried ravioli stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and Bella Lodi served with a spicy Sicilian tomato sauce. This wasn’t like anything I had tried before and looked very unique hence why I decided to go for it. I made a good choice as it was delicious! The portion size was perfect for a starter and the nice texture from the ravioli plus all the flavours coming through from the sauce made for an enjoyable starter.

Last time I visited Jamie’s, I went for a pasta dish for my main and wasn’t impressed so this time I decided to go for a pizza. I think a pizza is quite tricky to get right as some places really can’t seem to get the bases right. They are usually either to thin and pretty much burnt or way to doughy and heavy. However, the base on my Parma Pizza was neither, it was perfect. Thin like a proper Italian pizza should be but not too over-baked. There were generous amounts of toppings on the pizza, which I loved, and the Parma ham was gorgeous. Other toppings included crushed tomatoes, Westcombe Mozzarella, Basil, Rocket and Parmesan.

Brownie at Jamie's Italian

There’s always room for pudding so to finish, I ordered the Epic Chocolate Brownie with Butterscotch sauce and Vanilla ice cream. I love anything that is made with chocolate so I’m quite biased but this was really good. It was warm and gooey, just like a brownie should be. If I’m being picky, the ice cream was a bit too cold! You know when it’s so frozen that it just hurts your teeth? Other than that, it was great and if you’re a chocoholic, I would definitely recommend to go for this dessert.

This visit was a success and mum had a good time which was the main thing! Jamie’s Italian has now re-deemed itself in my eyes as it was much better than my last visit. I’m sure I will be visiting again – I want to try the Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake 😉

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