• 14th January 2018

Review: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

kyie jenner lip kit

Some might argue that Kylie Jenner is the queen of lip kits. As the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, the 20-year-old started Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 after she realised how obsessed her fans had become with her lips. People were going to ridiculous lengths to get a plump pout like Kylie (does anyone remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge?!) but she saw an opportunity to launch a lip kit line so her fans could achieve her look without harming their bodies.

Kylie Cosmetics is now worth a whopping $420 million due to its popularity. I think the thing that draws most people in is just how many colours there are available. Any colour you can think of, Kylie Cosmetics has it. The efficiency of the lip kits is great too. They include the lip paint and the matching lip liner so you can’t go wrong! Of course, now there are cheaper options on the market that are just as good. I’ve tried a few of them, including the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit, but it has always been my goal to try out a Kylie one, just to see why everyone raves about them! Well dear friends, I’ve finally got my hands on one! My lovely sister gave me a Kylie lip kit for Christmas, thanks Em!

lip kit

After trawling through the site for hours trying to decide what colour I wanted, a mammoth task I’m telling you, I finally settled on ‘Leo’ after seeing the colour on Kylie’s Snapchat. Not only is it my star sign but it’s a gorgeous deep red which is a lip colour I love. If I’m going out in the evening, I always opt for a deep red lip.

The packaging of the lip kit is really nice and I love the logo and typeface. There’s even a tip from Kylie on the back reading “for the best result, fill in your lips with the lip liner then top with one coat of Matte Liquid Lipstick.”

kylie jenner

The lip liner is really nice and sharp and you hardly have to press on your lips at all to get the colour to come out. The colour is really sharp and neat, framing your lips perfectly.

The colour itself sweeps over the lip nicely and you don’t need much at all to cover your bottom and upper lip. You really do only need one coat, as the coverage is excellent. What stood out for me about the colour was that it didn’t dry out my lips at all which other lipsticks tend to do. It also stayed in place all day without budging. Considering I was eating and drinking, I was pretty impressed that I didn’t have to top it up!

kylie jenner lip kit

Overall, the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit was everything I expected. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money and I can’t wait to try out some more colours in the future.

You can find the colour I own here >> https://www.kyliecosmetics.com/products/leo-lip-kit-1

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