• 1st March 2017

Review: No1 Polsloe


Just a two minute walk away from where we live sits No1 Polsoe – an independently owned, charming café in the middle of Exeter. Admittedly from the outside, it doesn’t look like anything too special, just a regular cafe you might find in any town hence the reason that I’ve never really considered visiting. However, after I heard raving reviews from a couple of friends and browsing the café’s impressive Instagram, I had to go and see what all the fuss was about.

Opening the door, you are greeted with a very warm welcome. We chose a table nestled in the corner amongst fairy lights and flowers hanging from the ceiling. The interior was adorable and felt so cosy with the cushions on the benches and the various wall decorations. We were quickly greeted by a friendly waitress who handed us some menus and to tell us to order at the bar once we made our choices.

eggs at no 1 polsloeWe visited around brunch time so I immediately became engrossed in the breakfast menu. What surprised me was the amount of choice they had which I didn’t expect from a small café. From a Full English Breakfast to a wide range of Pancake Stacks, there was something for everyone. Accompanying the food menu was a large range of hot and cold drinks including the most delicious looking milkshakes.
I settled for an Italian Pancake Stack, pancakes served with Nutella and strawberries. As tempted as I was to go for a milkshake, I thought it would be too sickly to have alongside the pancakes so I went for a cappuccino instead. Emily went for poached eggs served on thick white toast smeared with avocado and finished with a touch of chilli and lime alongside a breakfast tea.

The drinks came out swiftly and my coffee was deliciously smooth and topped with the perfect amount of cocoa powder. Emily also enjoyed her tea with the milk served in a cute bottle.

Emily at No1 PolsloeShortly after came the food. My pancakes were presented beautifully. Topped neatly with the most perfect strawberries, there was a generous dollop of Nutella on top of the squidgy, warm pancakes. The portion size was just right as well. So often at eateries, I find the portion sizes way too big and I end up feeling so uncomfortably full but this plate was honestly enough to leave me feeling satisfied.

I had a taste of Emily’s eggs and avocado which were incredible. The yolk was nice and runny and the avocado was so creamy and full of flavour. The lime and chilli were just enough to add a little kick to the dish but were not too overpowering. She claims it’s the best breakfast she’s ever had!

I absolutely love finding hidden gems like this and I will definitely be back to eat again at No1 Polsloe. The food is Instagram worthy and the prices are extremely purse friendly. They have a delicious looking lunch menu and even stay open until late serving cocktails. I will definitely be back to try both!

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