• 19th March 2017

Review: Prezzo

mozarella starter

Italian food is one of my absolute favourite cuisines. I go crazy for a good pasta dish and there’s nothing I love more than a pizza that is fully-loaded with delicious, fresh toppings.

I’ve been to Prezzo before but have never written a review so I thought I’d share with you what I thought of the restaurant in Exeter.

I visited Prezzo on Saturday lunchtime with all the girls in my family for a nice catch-up and gossip over wine. We were seated quickly and were given the menu however, we weren’t offered the set menu straight away; we had to ask for it. The set menu was great as you could have 2 courses for £10.50 or 3 courses for £13. Even though you had a select few starters to choose from, you could pretty much choose any main from the original menu which I thought was quite generous and a great deal.

I started with the Mozarella in Carrozza, mozzarella in breadcrumbs lightly fried and served with pomodoro sauce. These were quite simple but delicious none the less. The mozzarella was nice and melted in the middle of its breadcrumb coat and the tomato based sauce was a great addition to dip the mozzarella into, complimenting the cheese nicely. It was the perfect portion size as well. I hate it at restaurants when they give you a massive starter and you’re full before you’ve even got to your main course but this dish was just right.

King Prawn SpaghettiFor my main course, I chose the Spaghetti with King Prawns served in a gorgeous tomato sauce consisting of spinach, red onion, red chilli and garlic. This dish was delicious. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly and the sauce was full of flavour. The prawns were nice and juicy but if I was being really picky, they could have been bigger. I’m a massive fan of prawns and with king prawns, I love them to be really fat and full of flavour. Other than that though, the dish was fine and again, a great portion size leaving room for dessert!

To finish, I along with everyone else went for the Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake, blended and topped with crunchy honeycomb pieces coated in chocolate. I love a good cheesecake and this definitely satisfied me. It was nice and creamy and the honeycomb with the chocolate sauce was delicious.

Honeycomb Smash CheesecakeOverall, the food was scrummy and I would definitely recommend going for the set menu as you get better value for money. The starters and desserts are a little restricted but you can have pretty much any main you want so it’s definitely worth considering.

The only negative part of my visit to Prezzo in Exeter was the service. It might be the general mood in Exeter at the moment as my last couple of visits to different restaurants have presented awful service! We weren’t impressed that we had to ask for the set menu, you would have thought they would be promoting this seeing as it’s such a great promotion and they talk about it all over their social media. We had about five different waiters which is a real bug bare of mine. When I eat out, I liked to be looked after by the same person. The staff seemed to have quite an attitude problem as well. They weren’t very friendly or welcoming and if we asked a question about anything, it seemed to be a real annoyance to them! At one point, my auntie was trying to ask the waitress a question and she walked off in the middle of her sentence! The restaurant was quite busy being a Saturday lunch time so maybe this is why they were blunt and rushing around everywhere but I don’t think that’s really an excuse to be rude.

Prezzo is a great restaurant if you are looking for simple Italian food for great value for money. I would definitely go again for a cheap meal out but I just hope the service is better next time.

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