• 21st August 2016

Review: The Jack in the Green


I celebrated my birthday recently so you are now reading the words of a 23-year-old! I honestly still feel like I’m about 12 but does adult life ever really hit you?!

Prosecco at the Jack in the Green Anyway, my wonderful parents took my sister and I to my favourite restaurant in the world – The Jack in the Green. Situated near Rockbeare in Devon, The Jack in the Green boasts a sophisticated atmosphere alongside the most incredible food and drink. They were voted 26th in the UK’s 50 top gastro pubs and have achieved two AA rosettes.

I thought I would just share with you my experience at the restaurant as it’s a good excuse to finally getting around to right a review.

First and foremost, the service you receive from the whole team is impeccable. They are all friendly and welcoming and strive to ensure that you have a good time under their roof. We were given a complimentary bottle of Prosecco because it was both mine and my sister’s birthday. You may know by now how much I love my Prosecco 😉 As expected, this was a great quality Prosecco with plenty of bubbles and a gorgeous taste. What I love about the Jack is you get to sit in their squashy sofas whilst you browse the menu and enjoy your first drink which I think is a really nice touch.

After making our choices and being shown to our table, we received a complimentary amuse-bouche of sweet potato soup, which was nice to have alongside the homemade bread.

Pie at Jack in the Green

To start, I had the Oak Smoked Salmon with Prawns, Dill Crème Fraiche and Seasonal Leaves. This was very tasty and was the perfect size for a starter. The fish was of a great quality and had a strong flavor and the Dill Crème Fraiche complimented the fish, particularly the salmon, nicely. This is actually different to what I usually have to start at the Jack. I’m obsessed with their Grilled Capricorn Goats Cheese with Raspberry Dressing and Toasted Pine Nuts with Bacon and choose it every time I visit without fail. I’ve honestly never had anything different so this was a big deal for me to go out of my comfort zone!

For my main course, I went for some good old traditional pub grub – Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie with New Potatoes. I used to be obsessed with Chicken and Leek pie as a child so thought I would re-visit those days! The crust was baked to perfection, not too soggy and not too overdone, and there was a generous amount of creamy filling. All the flavours from the meat were coming through and there was a good amount of leek in there as well.


Of course, you can’t not have a pudding when you go to the Jack as they are just too tempting to resist! Again, without fail I always go for the Crème Brulee as it’s just incredible and I have to admit, I went for it again this time! Honestly, if you are a fan of Crème Brulee, you have got to try this one. This time on the dessert menu, it was a Camomile Brulee with Mango Ice Cream. The top is nice and crunchy and once you have broken into it, you dive into the creamy filling. It’s so nice and smooth and just melts in your mouth. The mango ice cream was also very fitting for summer as it was so nice and re-freshing. The Crème Brulee I think is my favourite thing about the Jack menu!

If you are a foodie and you love dining out, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Jack in the Green. I certainly will be dining there for years to come!

For more info, visit www.jackinthegreen.uk.com 

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