• 21st June 2015

Spin, Spin, Spinning!

I guess I’m quite a late starter in regards to the Spinning craze. I first became aware of it roughly two years ago. It seemed that all my fitness fanatic friends were doing it and I kept hearing great things about this exercise class. Usually taken in a studio, you ride a static exercise bike to music and do not stop spinning the wheels until the session is finished. In a 40 minute session, you can burn 400-500 calories whilst toning and strengthening the muscles of the lower body.

I finally got round to trying my first class this week. I’ve put it off for so long because I have heard that it is really hard and you shouldn’t take it light heartedly. Recently though, I have got my fitness levels back up to where they were during uni and I felt like I was ready to give it a go.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed my first class. The instructor was great. Unlike some, he wasn’t really intimidating and did not push you to switch up your level if you physically didn’t feel ready. He encouraged everyone to stick with what they felt their body could handle. He recognised that I was new to the class so willingly helped me set up the bike and warned me that the seat is incredibly uncomfortable, especially for women…he wasn’t lying!

After a quick warm-up of gentle peddling, we started the class. Our bikes had a handle which you turned clockwise to increase the resistance of the bike and anti-clockwise to de-crease. Throughout the 40 minute class, you listen to your instructor and he will tell you when to increase and decrease the resistance ensuring that you get a great workout. You’ll spin as fast as you can to some tracks, slower but with a high resistance to others and you are encouraged to constantly sit down on the saddle and then lift yourself off, giving you an extra workout in your thighs.

I’ve never sweated so much in my life and came out of the class feeling great that I’d just done an amazing workout. What I loved about Spinning was the music. We were exercising to amazing beats that kept you fully motivated throughout the entire class. I also liked how quick the class was. By only being 40 minutes long, there’s no excuse to say that you don’t have time for that quickly after work or on a Saturday morning.

I will definitely be going back to Spinning next week and I hope I have encouraged some of you to give it a try. I will leave you with some of my top tips for those who are first timers like me:

  1. Wear tight gym clothes. I wore my gym leggings and a lycra tank top. You don’t want loads of extra material floating around your body as it will only make you hotter.


  1. Take a towel in with you as you WILL be sweating!


  1. Take plenty of water. I got through my entire water bottle and found that I could have done with more.


  1. Ensure that you ask the instructor to help set up the bike. Do not try and do it yourself if you are a first timer. They will let you know where the seat needs to be positioned in relation to your height and how far forward the handle bars should be. Everyone’s bike will be set up differently as we are all different shapes and sizes so don’t try to copy someone else!


  1. Beware that the seat is really uncomfortable so just mentally prepare yourself for that!


  1. Don’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t want to increase the level but don’t make it really easy for yourself. You are there to burn calories after all! But if you feel faint or sick, listen to your body and don’t push it!

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