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  • 6th March 2016

An Italian Adventure: Florence

After visiting Lake Garda and Verona, we moved on to Florence. I was really excited to be going here because it looked like such a beautiful city. Also, if you are a hardcore Jersey Shore fan, you will know that season four was all filmed in Florence. I couldn’t wait to re-trace the cast’s footsteps…

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  • 28th February 2016

An Italian Adventure: Lake Garda and Verona

I have recently come back from a week long adventure in Italy with one of my best friends, travelling around some of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and eating copious amounts of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato! I’ve never been on holiday at this time of year before but I thoroughly enjoyed it…

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  • 6th April 2015

An Easter weekend ramble!

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend! Here in Devon we had amazing weather with the sun shining constantly and for the first time this year, I actually felt warm! Lots of chocolate has been consumed in this household but I don’t feel guilty at all because you know…it’s Easter! It’s the only…

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