• 14th July 2017

Taking the Next Step

I’m sorry She Who Lives has been a bit quiet recently! I just thought I would give you a little update on what’s going on in my life, big and exciting things are happening for me and it’s all come at once. One big thing I can’t reveal just yet but I promise I will soon. The other big thing… Ollie and I have moved in together!

We’ve been dating for about 18 months now and we both felt it was the right time to start living together, we’re with each other every day anyway! We’re still in the same flat that I have been sharing with my sister but she has moved out now as she’s graduated from uni. So it was just a case of Ollie moving across the road as he lived nearby anyway.

Ollie and I in Portugal We’ve been living together for two weeks now and I absolutely love it. Even though I was looking forward to moving in with Ollie, I was slightly nervous as it’s a pretty big step and I know that it can completely change a relationship. Would we tolerate each others living habits? Would he hog the duvet? Can he put up with the nightly episodes of Love Island?

So far so good! We are very similar in the way we live as we are both clean and tidy, eat very similar things and our daily work routines seem to fit nicely with each other. Ollie leaves the house just as I start getting ready for work which is perfect as we aren’t getting in each others way. Although he doesn’t want to admit it, Ollie secretly loves watching Love Island. He nearly freaked out the other day when he came home from work and I was catching up without him 😉 This is great as I watch A LOT of reality TV but Ollie doesn’t seem to care, he’ll just sit on his laptop and let me get on with it!

My favourite thing about living together is being able to say goodnight to him right before I go to sleep and wake up beside him in the morning. I also love cooking together as we’ve discovered it’s so much more cost effective. Buying in bulk means our food goes further and we are only spending about £20 each a week at the moment.

I’m wary it has only been a couple of weeks so touch wood we don’t end up killing each other but so far so good.

Please share your stories about when you first moved in with your partner! I would love to hear them…

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