• 4th May 2017

The Charcoal Craze


Charcoal beauty products seem to be dominating my social media feeds at the moment. I keep seeing reviews for charcoal face masks and face scrubs and I want to know what all the fuss is about! The reviews I have read and watched have been quite mixed and at times hilariously funny.

You may know of a lady called Antonella who is currently dominating feeds such as The Lad Bible and Pretty 52 with her hilarious reviews. If you haven’t come across her yet, I urge you to take a look at her Facebook page, Antonella: The Uncensored Reviewer. WARNING: You may spend hours watching her videos! She gives her honest opinion on anything from spreadable butter to hair and beauty products and she really doesn’t hold back. Her review of a charcoal face mask is mainly negative to say the least. She’s not impressed at what it’s done to her moustache…

Charcoal has even been used to create unique make up looks and can also be used in your hair to keep your locks strong and healthy.

When my friend told me that she uses charcoal toothpaste, my face just dropped. Toothpaste? Surely this was a joke. She swears that it’s brilliant though and acts as a whitening agent to remove stains caused by coffee, tea and various acidic food. Re-assuring me that it doesn’t actually taste like charcoal and that it has a pleasant minty taste, I searched for it in my local Boots store. I’ve always wanted whiter teeth and am constantly trying products that promise this so I thought I may as well give it a go.

mr blanc

So this is the product I will be testing for the next couple of weeks: Mr. Blanc Bamboo Charocoal Tooth Whitening Polish, the product that has been taking over Instagram. Sounds intense huh? With celebrities such as Stephanie Pratt, Mario Falcone, and Lucy Watson endorsing Mr. Blanc, what could go wrong?

I’m off to brush my teeth! Check back in a couple of weeks to read my review. Fingers crossed, you won’t be looking at photos of me with stained, black nashers…


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