• 18th August 2016

The Hairdresser Experience

Hairdresser experience

All the girls will understand what I am going to talk about here – the bane of going to the hairdressers.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love going into a salon and getting my hair done. The feeling when you come out with shiny new hair which smells gorgeous and feels silky smooth is just amazing. It really does make you feel like a million dollars!

However, I’ve always struggled with trying to enjoy the time I actually spend in the salon chair and this is the reason why I have hot-footed around what feels like all the hairdressers in Devon.

Nowadays, I always have a clear idea of what I want done and try and stress this to the stylist. I used to make the mistake of being too polite and being unclear when it came to describing what I wanted, trusting that the stylist was indeed psychic. After getting fed up with coming out of the hairdressers unhappy, I started to become a little more firm.


If, like me, you have trouble with expressing what you want then don’t be afraid to take pictures in and show the stylist. Pinterest has been my saviour recently and is a really good tool for showing the stylist a number of different styles and colours that have inspired you.

Small talk is another thing that I find can be a bit awkward. It would be fine if I visited the same hairdresser every time and I was familiar with them but I rarely do and so follows the awkward rapport of “What do you do for a living”, “What are you doing this weekend”. Call me a grumpy bitch but I would rather be left to sit in silence with by celeb magazines! If you tend to find yourself in a similar predicament, I recommend taking your own magazines and books with you and laying them on the top of the dresser. This shows that you aren’t being rude by reading or playing on your phone straight away, you still want to be polite, but I think it shows that you are also quite happy to sit there in silence. I relax more when I am left to browse through my magazine or book.

Another reason why I have never stuck with the same hairdresser is it seems to break the bank every time. Am I the only one that thinks it’s unreasonable to spend nearly £40 to have your hair washed and trimmed? If I’m having colour put in, that’s a different story as I appreciate that the cost of the dye is probably expensive and they have to make their money back but I get so annoyed when I get charged a wad of money and come out not looking that much different because I only wanted a trim.

Blonde hair

By this point you may be thinking, god why does she even bother going to the hairdressers if she moans about it so much? Well I wanted to share with you that I think I have finally found a salon that I am happy with and that I will stick with for a while! Elk Salon in Exeter is great. I first started going there to get my nails done but after having excellent highlights put back into my hair, I have been going back ever since. What I like about Elk is that they aren’t really expensive and they really do listen to what you want which is something that I have always struggled with. Each stylist has given me tips on how to keep my hair in great condition without trying to force their products on me and they don’t feel the need to talk and talk at you for three hours. A bonus is that they are perfectly happy for customers to go in and get their fringe cut for free. This has been my saviour as I used to try and cut my own fringe (hello wonky fringe!) but now I always just pop in on my lunch break if my fringe is getting annoying, it’s great!

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