• 6th January 2019

The Mrs Hinch Effect: Have we all gone cleaning mad?

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year’s Eve and managed to enjoy some well-deserved time off. We spent Christmas Day at my mum and dad’s and then travelled up to Ollie’s parents near Chippenham to see all of his family for Boxing Day. That’s my favourite thing about the festive season – just being able to catch up and relax with family! We had a relatively quiet New Year’s Eve, which was so nice. For the past few years, I’ve always gone out on New Year’s Eve but this year, we thought it would be nice to ring in 2019 in our new home, particularly as we hadn’t really been at home over Christmas.

I haven’t set any New Year’s resolutions this year but something I love to do, particularly every January, is embark on a good “spring” clean. Personally, I love cleaning. I find it so therapeutic and it feels great when you sit down and admire your clean home after a morning’s work! This weekend, out came the Zoflora, bleach, mop and hoover in order to get our home looking sparkling again. I even managed to sort out all our cleaning products under the sink and organised them into baskets, all inspired by a certain Instagram influencer…


Recently, I’ve started to notice a bit of a cleaning trend on Instagram, particularly across all the new build home accounts. One woman who is leading the way to a cleaning revolution is the fabulous Mrs Hinch.

For those who don’t know, Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, started her own ‘home’ Instagram account that started to increase in popularity over the summer once she began filming herself cleaning. Her fun and charismatic personality has captured the hearts of Instagram users and now she has over 1.5 million followers. Naming her cleaning products (Minkeh the Minky cloth, Shelly the Shark hoover and Cliff the Cif to name just a few) coupled with her adorable dog Henry Hinch has made her an Instagram sensation. Check out her Instagram page here to see what I mean.

The Essex hairdresser has literally caused fans across the globe to go cleaning daft. As with all viral social media trends, there’s a positive and a negative side to this.

Let’s get the negative bit out of the way first – it’s currently quite impossible to get your hands on the cleaning products and tools that Mrs Hinch uses. We’re not talking about super rare products that are difficult to find. Nope. Basic everyday cleaning products such as Zoflora disinfectant and Cif stainless steel cleaning spray are now difficult to find. Zoflora is one of Mrs Hinch’s staple cleaning products so as soon as her followers rocketed, there was a national shortage of Zoflora across the UK. I had to resort to ordering Zoflora’s winter spice collection on Amazon in the end as I just couldn’t find any in the shops! Another of Mrs Hinch’s must-haves is Cif Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray which again, has been difficult to find in recent months. I actually managed to get my hands on some in Sainsbury’s the other day but that was the first time in ages that I have seen it on the shelf!

Don’t even get me started on the Minky cloths! This anti-bacterial cleaning pad is Mrs Hinch’s go-to but good luck trying to get your hands on one at the moment. Usually retailing at £2.49, the cleaning cloth is being sold by third party sellers on eBay for as much as £7,900… it’s a cloth… has the world gone mad!?

Due to Mrs Hinch’s fans obsessively stock piling her favourite products and causing shortages nationwide, unfortunately this is causing a negative backlash to the star on social media.

mrs hinch tweet

tweet mrs hinch

mrs hinch tweet

Now for the positive. Mrs Hinch has created an army of “Hinchers” and a whole new community who help and support each other. She regularly talks about how she lives with anxiety and how cleaning helps her take control of her panic attacks. By speaking so openly to her audience, it has no doubt helped thousands of her followers deal with their own mental health issues, knowing that they are not alone.

“Since I’ve started, others have messaged me saying I’ve changed their lives and helped them with their mental health, which to me is simply amazing” says Sophie.

Personally, I think it’s incredible that such a simple everyday task can help and support people with their mental health and it’s fantastic that Mrs Hinch has helped shed a light on this. She’s managed to bring people together through their love of cleaning, or “hinching” as it is now called by the Hinch Army! Don’t we all love being a part of a community whether that be through a love of cleaning, food, fitness, home interiors and much more? I know I do! I have now welcomed the Hinch Army into my Instagram community along with the Gymshark, Lean in 15 and New Build Home communities!

What do you think? Are you frustrated that Mrs Hinch has caused your favourite cleaning products to run out or are you embracing this new community? Leave me a comment below!

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