• 17th August 2017

My Top 5 Tips for Job Hunters

Hello lovely readers! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Oops! Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while but as I mentioned in a previous post, exciting things have been happening. I’m delighted to share with you that I have started a new job! I’m still in a PR and Marketing agency as I just love that type of environment. I’ve always had it in my head that I would move on at some point this year. My last job was great and the company gave me fantastic experience and a running start in my career but I just felt like it was time to move on. I wanted to work with different clients across different sectors and grow my career even further.

So now you know why I’ve been a bit pre-occupied these last couple of weeks, I wanted to write down my top five tips for job hunters:

Stay calm

It’s scary looking for a new job. It’s a big event in your life and it can be really daunting but it’s important to stay calm. I was very comfortable at my last job having been there two and a half years so it was a huge push for me to actually step out of that bubble. It’s easy to start freaking out and think “oh my god, what am I doing, I’m not ready for this” but you ARE ready! Communicate with friends and family if you’re feeling anxious. They will make you feel a hell of a lot more relaxed and will re-assure you that you are making the right move.

Take time over your CV

It’s pretty obvious that you need to update your CV before applying to new jobs but so many people try to rush it. It’s understandable if you are really keen to get applying but ensure that you sit down and spend a decent amount of time checking over your CV, making sure it reads well and is laid out neatly. Get friends and family to do a final read through before you start sending it out to potential employers.

Ensure to be active on social media

It’s no secret that recruiter’s use social media to spy on their potential candidates. Why wouldn’t they? Whenever I applied for a new job, the first thing I would do is look at the team page on their website! It’s important to have a little background information before you meet someone to get an idea of what type of personality they might have. Being active on social media gives you a chance to showcase who you are in a positive light without having to be too formal.

Download the Apps

Job apps were my life saver. I was lucky enough to still have a job whilst looking for my next adventure but it meant that I didn’t have time in the day to be trawling through job sites. My apps did the work for me. If you say what you are looking for, what kind of salary you expect and where you want to be based, it saves you a lot of effort. I found the job notifications really useful to look through at the end of the day and I also got new opportunities sent directly to my inbox. I used Indeed and Reed but there are plenty out there. You might find that recruitment agencies will start contacting you through these sites as well. I am a big advocate for a recruitment agency. It’s how I got my new job! They take care of the application and interview arrangements for you and provide a great level of support throughout the whole process. My recruitment agency is still emailing me today asking how I’m getting on in my new role which is such a lovely touch.

Don’t give up

Finding a new job can be difficult, particularly if you are at the very start of your career and you don’t have much experience behind you.  However, don’t let a rejection get you down. EVERYONE will get rejected from a job at some point in their career; you’ve just got to learn from it. If you are attending loads of interviews, see it as a blessing. It’s great practice and you can excel every time.

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