• 28th January 2018

What Does True Friendship Mean?

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about friendships and how true friendships are really tricky to find. Think back to when you were in school. Back then, you may have had a massive group of friends but truly how many of those people are you still in contact with today? For me, I can count those people on one hand.

I’ve never been one of those people who has had to surround myself with as many people as possible. I’ve always ever had a select few friends at a time and I was always ok with that. I’d rather have only a few friends who I can really trust and rely on rather than a bunch of people that I don’t really know at all.

Despite this, there have been so many people that have come and gone in my life. At the time, yes we were friends, but I think true friendships are the ones that really last and I think it can be found at any point in your life. True friendship doesn’t have to be between two people who have known each other their whole lives. It can be found in the most unexpected places. Take my first job in PR for example. I didn’t start that until I was 21 and never dreamed that I would find such amazing, special friendships there but I did. I don’t even work at that company anymore but I’m still in touch with five incredible ladies that I know I will stay in touch with forever.

True friendship never wavers, even if you are miles apart. I have two best friends who live miles away from me so I don’t get to see them that often. However, we always make the effort with each other, we talk constantly and we know that we’re always there for each other, even if we aren’t physically there. I absolutely love it when I get to see these friends again and it feels like we only saw each other yesterday – that’s the best feeling. When you can just pick up where you left off.

When you’ve been through highs and lows together, that’s when true friendship really shines. One of my best friends from primary school has stuck by my side ever since we were three! We’ve both been through boy drama together, laughed together, even travelled to America together. Again, we don’t see each other all the time as life gets busy but when we do, we have the best time.

It’s amazing when I think about it, how many people I have actually met and had a friendship with during my 24 years on this planet so far and how many of them have actually stuck around. Sometimes it’s sad when you know you’ve made the effort with people, tried to keep in touch with them and you haven’t received that same effort back, but in reality it’s a bit of a blessing. It’s how you filter out the people who aren’t really bothered about having a friendship with you. What you’re left with is a handful of people who really are your true friends.


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