• 23rd May 2017

We Stand Together

Today, my heart has been with those who have lost their loved ones in the Manchester terror attack. Waking up to the news this morning, I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing – that a sick suicide bomber caused destruction at an Ariana Grande concert.

A night which was supposed to be filled with joy and happiness for Ariana’s fans turned into a living nightmare. It’s horrible to think that we now live in a world where terror attacks can happen anywhere, not just in Capital cities. What makes this news so unbearable is that many of the victims were kids. The youngest victim, gorgeous Saffie Roussos, was only 8 years old.

We cannot let these acts of terrorism silence us and stop us from living our lives. If we stand together, we will win and if anything, I think today has definitely shown us just how much compassion we have for one another. Let’s continue sharing the love and lets show our support for the city of Manchester.

We also shouldn’t forget Ariana Grande. I know she’s a superstar and I’ve seen some pretty nasty comments on social media today saying that her feelings don’t matter etc,  but she is human and she most certainly is in just as much pain as all the families and fans are today.

There are still people who attended the concert who haven’t been accounted for. Please, please, please share the news articles and their photos as much as you can through your social media profiles and lets help their families to find them. If you have any information or if you have seen any of these people (photo above), please ring 01618 569400


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