• 1st November 2017

What Have I Been Watching: October 2017

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As the nights draw in and it starts to become colder, I find myself curling up in front of my TV even more than I used to! There’s nothing better than coming in from a long day at work, throwing on some sweatpants and settling down with my favourite shows. So, what have I been watching this month?


Doctor Foster, BBC One

Like the rest of the nation, I was gripped by the first series of Doctor Foster. The shear suspense of it just had me sat on the edge of my seat every week so I expected nothing less from the second series. I was a little sceptical at first. I mean, her husband has already gone off with the other woman so what’s going to happen next? I was worried that the producers were going to drag it out but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In brief, we see Gemma’s ex husband Simon return to town with his new wife Kate. Feeling like he’s now got the upper hand on Gemma, Simon plans to push Gemma out of town, eliminating her from his life forever. What follows is a tit for tat storyline with their son, Tom, brutally stuck in between the fighting pair. I actually waited for all the episodes to be aired so I could binge watch this on iplayer and I’m so glad I did! Every episode just left be hanging and I immediately wanted to find out what happened next. I absolutely loved the ending but I thought it was a little predictable. It does leave Doctor Foster open for a series three but I really hope they don’t make it. I think the story should be put to bed otherwise the drama is in danger of being ruined.


Liar, ITV

So I’m going to put it out there and say that this drama was even better than Doctor Foster! I didn’t think that anything could keep me in suspense as much as Doctor Foster did but O….M….G Liar goes above and beyond. I honestly thought I was slowly turning crazy through this series, not knowing who to believe and changing my mind every five minutes! In episode one, we meet Laura and Andrew, two singletons who go out on a date after meeting at a school (Laura is Andrew’s son’s teacher). We only see the start of the date and then the aftermath – Laura wakes up alone in her bed believing that Andrew raped her, something he furiously denies. I found myself firmly on Andrew’s side throughout the first couple of episodes, and then was disgusted with myself by the end of the series that I could ever think he was a sweet man who played Kevin in 102 Dalmatians! I won’t ruin the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but let me tell you, it will have you pulling your hair out. It has now been confirmed that there will be a season two but not until 2019!


Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father, Netflix  

We just stumbled upon this one on Netflix the other night when we had nothing else to watch. Although not my favourite comedian, I do like Jack Whitehall. I think he has a funny, boyish charm about him and you just can’t help but have a little giggle at his jokes. Jack Whitehall paired with his father, Michael, is even better. Completely the opposite, Michael is a posh, set in his ways kind of man and doesn’t take well to silliness. This Netflix original series follows Jack and his father as they travel around South East Asia on a popular gap year route. Every episode had us laughing as Jack and Michael try out new experiences and constantly clash with each other. Michael seems to have this constant expression on his face where he looks at Jack like he’s a monkey from another planet! Along the way, they get given this extremely creepy doll that they call Winston to take on their journey, or “Winnie” as Michael fondly calls him! This one is definitely worth a watch. I’d say it’s the best comedy travel documentary since An Idiot Abroad.


Educating Greater Manchester, Channel 4

I was thrilled when I heard that this fly on the wall documentary series was back! Giving us an insight into the daily lives of students and teachers at some of the UK’s secondary schools, this programme has you either fondly remembering your school days or thanking your lucky stars that you aren’t there anymore! This time, we are welcomed into Harrop Fold School, a secondary school in Greater Manchester that is known for its underperformance. Mr Povey is the head teacher and his two brothers are also teachers at the school. I loved seeing the highs and lows of the students as it reminded me of my time at school. We see students struggling to fit in, finding their own identity and plenty who are struggling with their hormonal behaviour. This programme makes you realise how tough teaching must be. Teaching isn’t just about teaching kids a subject. Teachers also have to take on the role of a parent, dealing with many different behavioural issues on a daily basis.


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