• 14th June 2017

What Have I Been Watching?

Anyone who knows me will instantly tell you that I’m a big TV fan. Don’t get me wrong, I go out and do other things too. I promise I actually do have a life 😉 However, I’m a sucker for a good reality TV show, an American drama or a good movie. I thought it would be fun to start this series to let you guys know what I have been watching and what I would recommend. I’ll post in this series once a month so you can tell me if you have been watching certain TV shows too in the comments below! Please also let me know your recommendations. Even though I try and keep up with a thousand TV shows at a time, I am always hunting for new things to watch. So here it goes; my top 5 for this month and where you can watch them:

Love Island, ITV2

I haven’t watched this show for years, not since the series which featured Bianca Gascoigne and Calum Best (oh my god, after just having a Google, that was way back in 2006 :O). Since its revival in 2015, I haven’t watched any of it but my sister has and always raves about it. The third series began on 5th June and I thought I would give it a go to see if it was as good as the version 11 years ago. The basic execution of the show is that a villa houses a group of girls and a group of guys and they all need to couple up. Over the course of 7 weeks, we will watch the contestants fall in love, fight and leave with plenty of spanners thrown in the works. It’s a bit of a commitment having to watch it as it’s on 6 nights a week so I am constantly playing catch up but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s not the best reality show I’ve ever seen but it’s easy, light watching for if I’ve had a long day at work or if I’m cooking dinner. So far, I don’t like many of the guys as they all seem so far up their own asses but I love Camilla. She seems like a normal, regular girl and someone that I think many women will be able to relate to.

Lucifer, Amazon Prime

This is one of my favourite programmes at the moment. This has been on for a while but season two has just aired its finale on Amazon Prime. Lucifer tells the story of the man himself, living in LA and trying to leave his devilish duties in the underworld. He meets Chloe, a Detective in the LAPD and befriends her. He starts working alongside her, solving crimes throughout the city. The story is so gripping and Lucifer’s personal life will keep you hooked. I absolutely love the characters in this series too. They are all so individual but all so likeable in their own little ways. Tom Ellis as Lucifer has me crying with laughter most episodes. Excuse the pun but he is devilishly handsome and so charming! All of the episodes are on Amazon Prime so I definitely would recommend catching up with this one.

Baywatch, in Theatres

My movie of the month is Baywatch. I have never seen the TV series but this movie adaption looked too funny to miss. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, this comedy tells the story of how three newbie’s join the crew of lifeguards who protect the beaches of the bay. What ensues is a mission to save the bay from being overtaken by a powerful and corrupt businesswoman. Don’t take this film too seriously, it is definitely a comedy, but is such a fun watch and a great one to see with a group of mates. Of course, this film wouldn’t be complete without a cheeky cameo from The Hoff and Pamela Anderson…

Benidorm, ITV/Netflix

I’ve never watched beyond season 3 of Benidorm. I absolutely loved the show but when it reached season 4, I naturally stopped watching it and my interest just fizzled out. I think it was because many of the original characters had left and I didn’t find the new character’s very likeable. However, as my holiday to Portugal has crept closer, I fancied a bit of light-hearted TV to get me in that holiday feeling. All of the episodes are available on Netflix so I’ve started from the beginning and I am now on season 4. I’m finding it an easier watch this time mainly because I binge watch the episodes and the fact that I just love watching people on holiday seeing as I’m going myself! Expect typical British behaviour, humour and some silly drama.

Made in Chelsea, E4

Series 13 of this posh reality show has just finished on E4 and I have to say I loved it! I find Made in Chelsea very up and down. Some seasons I absolutely love it and I can’t wait for the next episode but then others, series 12 for example, I find it a real effort to watch due to the lack of storylines. The main reason I loved this series was because we got a little glimpse of Binky’s pregnancy. As the first girl of the show to fall pregnant, the fans felt like this was a monumental time for the show and something that was just so lovely to watch rather than the usual arguments. Binky and JP seemed to have matured considerably this series and I loved watching Ollie and JP put their differences aside for the sake of the baby. This week, Binky gave birth and I can’t wait to see what they have called their baby girl and what she looks like! I wasn’t a fan of any of the new characters to be honest. I found all the new girls quite catty – who does that Mimi thinks she is? She seemed to love stirring the pot!

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