• 24th December 2016

Winter Warmers

Winter is a hard time for most of us when it comes to staying healthy. Colder weather and darker days result in not wanting to go out to the gym and instead, we choose to curl up on the sofa and tuck in to some good old comfort food.

So to help you stay on the straight and narrow this Christmas, I wanted to share some of my favourite meals that are sure to warm you up but without the guilt. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be stuffing my face with turkey on Christmas day but these will hopefully help you for those in between days.

Hearty Lasagne 


Who doesn’t love a good lasagne in the winter? This is one of my favourites and can be done quite healthily if you make some smart swaps. Use wholewheat lasagne sheets, swap the tomato sauce from a jar to a can of chopped tomatoes, cook with quorn mince instead of the real deal and use low fat cheese on top. The only thing that is a little naughty is the white cheesy sauce that makes up the layers, but hey, you can’t win at everything!

Cashew Nut chicken and noodles by The Body Coach 


Oh my god guys, you have to try this one. So I saw this on The Body Coach’s Instagram and it is seriously scrumptious. If you are a massive fan of nut butters like I am then you will love it. Just chuck in chilli, garlic, midget trees, quorn chicken, cashew nut butter and noodles and it makes for the most yummy dish. It’s so quick and easy as well so you won’t find yourself reaching for the snacks as you’re cooking!

Creamy mushroom polenta with kale by Deliciously Ella 


This is a great one for dinner if you fancy something small and quick. Used in Italian cookery, polenta is boiled cornmeal which consists of a gorgeous, creamy texture. By adding lemon, a splash of soy sauce, mushrooms and topped with crispy kale, the flavour is immense and extremely comforting on a cold winters day. Plus, the ingredients are packed full of nutrients and vitamins, ensuring that your immune system is ready to fight off those nasty winter bugs.

The McLeanie Burger by The Body Coach


This one is for burger fans. Sometimes, I just really crave a burger but I don’t want to consume all the saturated fat that comes with them. The McLeanie Burger is the king of burgers in my opinion. Honestly, I would rather eat this now than a burger from a greasy takeaway. There’s so much more flavour packed between the bun and is so filling that I don’t even need anything else alongside it. Made from low fat turkey mince, spring onions and coriander topped with a handmade sauce of chipotle paste, greek yogurt and fish sauce, this is a winner!

What are your favourite winter recipes? Leave a comment in the box below or tweet me @SheWhoLives1

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